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LMT Services

The Laboratory of Molecular Technology (LMT) offers a variety of core services. To order services, please submit an electronic request via CSAS; or to discuss the project scope and design, please contact Dan Soppet.  In addition you can refer to a number of LMT Protocols and Resources that may be helpful to your current or future research.


  • Transgenic mouse genotyping and assay design via TaqMan


  • Affymetrix gene expression
  • NanoString gene expression
  • Agilent Array CGH

Mutation Detection

  • CLIA-certified sequencing and analysis
  • Research-only sequencing and analysis
  • Assay design and optimization


  • Variant detection
  • Bisulfite conversion and subsequent DNA methylation
  • Assay design and optimization
Quantitative PCR 

  • Gene expression using TaqMan, SybrGreen, and Fluidigm Dynamic Array

Roche 454 Sequencing

  • Library preparation
  • Targeted and whole genome deep-sequencing

Sanger Sequencing

  • Amplicon, plasmid, and BAC sequencing

Integrated Genetic and Genomic Services


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