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Publication Covers

Through collaborative efforts with our partners, image data generated by the EML has been used for the covers of key publications.  Below are some of the of the covers.

Electron micrograph of wild-type Drosophila photoreceptors taken by Kunio Nagashima of the EML. Yonamine et al. demonstrate that overexpressing sphingosine kinase 2 causes photoreceptor degeneration and boosts the lysosomal degradation of light-sensing proteins such as Rhodopsin by increasing the levels of dihydrosphingosine 1 phosphate compared to sphingosine 1 phosphate. Click here for the article.
Dr. Ulrich Baxa, EML Director, took the cover image of Sup35p prion protein filaments visualized by negative staining electron microscopy. Globular C-domains were made visible by band-pass filtering and conversion of grey levels to color using a custom lookup table. In this paper Baxa et al. present a detailed analysis of prion filaments using negative staining, cryo-EM, and scanning transmission-EM. This shows filaments of full-length Sup35p to consists of a thin backbone fibril surrounded by a diffuse 65-nm-wide cloud of globular C-domains. Click here for the article.

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