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Timelines for Working with LPAT

An important consideration for any investigator when working with the LPAT is the turnaround time for sample analysis. The LPAT strives to provide you with the shortest possible turnaround time, however, please keep in mind that the LPAT services the entire NCI community and as such has a continuous flow of projects coming into the laboratory.

Please remember that the LPAT serves a broad customer base and demand for the lab’s services continues to increase. Every scientist in the LPAT is handling multiple projects at a time. While every scientist and instrument in the facility is always busy, there are times when the demand can become enormous on the LPAT’s resources. A large increase in demand can result in an increase in turnaround time. If this situation were to occur, we would quickly inform the requestor so that you can know exactly how the turnaround time for your samples is affected.

It is important for us to provide you with an understanding of the time required for some of the major routine analyses that are performed in the laboratory. These guidelines will provide you with what you can reasonably expect for turnaround time.

Page last updated December 12, 2010 @ 6:26 pm