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PEL Lab Contacts

Dr. Dominic Esposito

Dominic Esposito

Laboratory Director

Phone: 301-846-7376 Fax: 301-846-6631

Rachel Bagni

Molecular Detection and Viral Technology

Phone: 301-846-5469 Fax: 301-846-5588

Dr. Bill Gillette

William Gillette

Protein Purification

Phone: 301-846-1029 Fax: 301-846-6631

Dr. James Hartley

James Hartley

Technology Development

Phone: 301-846-7375 Fax: 301-846-6631

Butch Hopkins

Ralph (Butch) Hopkins

Eukaryotic Expression

Phone: 301-846-5713Fax: 301-846-6631

Dr. Deb Chatterjee

Deb Chatterjee

Technology Development

Phone: 301-846-6893 Fax: 301-846-6631

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