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Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc.'s Project Management Office (PMO) resides within the Management Support Directorate. The PMO maintains and implements state-of-the-art tools, templates, standards, processes, procedures, and FNL-wide training programs that include pharmaceutical and biotech industry best practices for managing projects.

Creating and Using a Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015
8:30 am - 4:30 pm
ATRF Auditorium
This event qualifies for 8.00 PDUs*.
Presented by Lee R. Lambert

Abstract: "How Did I Get to Cleveland”

The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) continues to expand in "epidemic like" proportions in each of its four year improvement cycles. At the heart of the profession remains the fundamental concepts of project management that are realistically not all that complex. The plethora of automated tools used to support those longstanding basic concepts is increasing at an exponential pace providing an endless opportunity for rationalizing why projects are challenged and often times considered failures--it's the system's fault or it's the organization's fault. It seems we often lose sight of where responsibility and accountability rests -- with the people! Good people. Fun people. People who want to be successful in the world of PM AND successful in life must take it upon themselves to establish and follow a plan for success. In the project world we call this plan a Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB). In the world of personal /professional development I call this a --- Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB)!! Are they the same? Are they mutually exclusive? Remember, if you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there.

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This workshop will make you think about the PMB like you never have before. You will see how and why you should capitalize on the potential power of the PMB in achieving your professional AND personal life objectives. Real world examples of the role the PMB plays in projects, in the profession of medicine, in the success of athletes, and even the world of vacation travel will confirm value add. Upon completion of this workshop you will fully grasp the importance of the PMB and how it can be created and used to take you to levels of performance and success that you may never have dreamed possible. You will spend a day in the world of NO fault, NO blame where ownership has the mantra: Git R Dun! You will go forth and reap the rewards! But, if you don't "git it", there's a high probability you could end up in Cleveland!

Seating is limited to 30. Please email your interest in attending this seminar to Teresa Stitely at mailto:teresa.stitely@fnlcr.nih.gov.

Course Outline:

Morning Session

Defining and Planning Project Requirements
Developing a Project Work Breakdown Structure
Conducting a Risk Assessment
Developing a Realistic Project Schedule (work flow)
Assigning Resources to Work Packages (skill set match)
Selecting Meaningful Objective Indicators of Progress (milestones)

Afternoon Session

Measuring Progress/Achievements Against Plan (status)
Identifying Problem Areas (variances from plan)
Conducting a Problem Root Cause Analysis (cause)
Projecting Existing Condition to the Future (trends)
Identifying Corrective Action Options
Implementing Required Changes
Communicating New Condition to Stakeholders

Lee R. Lambert, PMP, CEO
Lee Lambert takes the saying; "been there, done that, got the T-shirt" to new heights in project management training, by incorporating a pragmatic perspective and a unique use of personal analogies to help bring the subject matter to life. No other Project Management educator can contend with his uncanny technical knowledge, material content and refreshing delivery - not to mention his humorous, engaging, CommonSense™ style that has mesmerized more than 40,000 students in 21 countries. Lee has been an honored and distinguished member of the project management community since 1968 and was part of the original team that formulated and implemented the PMP Certification Program. He is recognized as one of the most effective project management educators in the world.

Futures Thinking

Wednesday, June 10, 2015, NOON – 1PM
Building 549, Café

Taking a look into the crystal ball. One of the steps forward in risk management in the past few years has been a focus on futures thinking. That’s the concept that if we can identify the range of possible futures, we can better shape the world to create a higher probability that the most desired future will become reality. In this session, participants will look at their own futures, identify impediments to the desired future and examine what it will take to get to that optimal outcome.

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PMI Global Congress 2015 - North America
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October 11-13, 2015

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