Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc. Project Management Team Process

New tasks and projects are channeled through the Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc. Contract Planning and Administration Office (CPAO) from the NCI/Leidos Contracting Officer/Project Officer (COPO) meetings, the NCI/Leidos Operating Group, the Yellow Task System, the Leidos Directorates, or other approved sources. The CPAO reviews and evaluates the requirement for the necessity to form a Project Management (PM) team according to the following process.

  1. A PM Team will be assembled if any three of the following criteria are met within the requested task/project:
    1. The task dollar value is greater than $25K.
    2. The Scientific or Administrative impact is at the laboratory or office level or higher.
    3. The number of Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc. Directorates involved or required is greater than two.
    4. There is a deadline.
    5. The Strategic Impact or level of risk may involve the mission of the FNL, the NCI's 2015 goals, the Coordinator's Report, the Award Fee, or greater.
  2. If the above criteria for the formation of a project team are met, the project team will be assembled by the CPAO and include the following individuals. These individuals may serve on the project team for the duration of the project or they may leave the project team as their assigned tasks reach completion.

    1. Those who will be required to accomplish the project objectives (e.g., Leidos staff, NCI staff, consultants) and/or who are affected by the project and may influence its outcome
    2. The assigned project manager
    3. A member of the CPAO
  3. The Roles and Responsibilities of the members of the project team typically include the following expectations:
    1. FNL Contractors – responsible for performing the project
    2. Consultants/Vendors – responsible for providing expertise or technical support for performance of the project
    3. The Project Manager – responsible for directing the project team; planning, monitoring, revising, and controlling the project plan; responsible for reporting the project's progress to stakeholders on a scheduled basis; responsible for the deliverable
    4. NCI and other stakeholders – provide clarification on the project scope and provide guidance to the Project Team as required to perform the project
    5. Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc. Contract Management Office – responsible for providing guidance to the Project Team regarding the relationship of the project to the OTS contract
  4. The project team convenes with a project kickoff meeting where the members are provided the following information:
    1. What the project objectives are
    2. Who will be involved in the project and why
    3. The importance of the project
    4. Why each team member was selected and assigned to the project and what the team member's role will be
    5. What problems and constraints may be encountered in the project
    6. How the project will be managed, such as meeting schedules and communications schedules
  5. At the conclusion of the project, the Project Manager, with input from the team, will be responsible for the delivery of the final product to the customer, preparation of the final closeout reports, and assembling the lessons learned from the project.

While this process provides an approach to determining the need, assembly, and deployment of project teams, each project may have unique characteristics that may require altering this process to fit those needs.