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2021 RNA Biology Symposium


April 14 - 16 2021

09:45 AM - 04:00 PM


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Julia Lam 301-846-6957

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RNA biology has emerged as one of the most influential areas in modern biology and biomedicine. The discovery of new classes of RNAs and their functions in a wide spectrum of biological processes has revolutionized molecular biology and has profound implications for clinical sciences. Key areas of current research include the elucidation of RNA biogenesis and structure, the identification of functions for various classes of RNAs, establishing the role of RNA in disease and the exploration of RNA-based-and RNA-targeted therapies.

Featured Speaker(s)

Balke Wiedenheft Montana State University Brenda Bass University of Utah Cara Pager University of Albany-SUNY Chad Mirkin Northwestern University Clifford Brangwynne Princeton University Diana Baralle University of Southampton Frank Slack Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Holger Stark Max Planck Institute Howard Chang Stanford University Joshua Mendell University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Julie Forman-Kay University of Toronto Leemor Joshua-Tor Cold Spring Harbor Muthiah Monoharan Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Nadya Dimitrova Yale University Pascale Romby University of Strasbourg Peter Walter University of California, San Francisco Venki Ramakrishnan Cambridge University Yukihide Tomari University of Tokyo

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Hosted by the NCI RNA Biology Initiative

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Center for Cancer Research