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NIH-FDA Immunology Interest Group (IIG) Seminar Series - “Neuroimmune Ecosystems"


Wednesday, April 3, 2024

04:00 PM - 05:00 PM


Bethesda, 10 Lipsett


Jenny Sarnecki 301-846-5933

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Event Series

IIG Seminar Series

Event Description

Cytokines are not inherently pro- or anti-inflammatory and the Hunter laboratory is interested in how these factors govern the development of immunity to infection but can also be involved in the prevention of immune hyperactivity. The presentation will cover the immunobiology of the cytokine IL-27, its ability to limit infection-induced pathological T cell and monocyte responses and how this pathway can be targeted as a cancer therapy. The knowledge of the biology of IL-27 can also be used to inform strategies to enhance mRNA vaccination. Join us in Lipsett or at: Hosts: Roxane Tussiwand (NIDCR/NIH)

Featured Speaker(s)

Christopher Hunter PhD University of Pennsylvania

Hosted By

Roxane Tussiwand (NIDCR/NIH)

Sponsored By

FDA-NIH Immunology Interest Group