Past Conferences

Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy:
From Conception to Delivery

Held on October 12th - 13th, 2017

Masur and Lipsett Auditorium, Blg 10

National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD

Sponsored by the Center of Excellence in Immunology, NCI

Below is the agenda from this meeting. Presentations for talks are available based on permission from each of the speakers. These can be accessed through hyper-links to the talk titles.

Thursday, October 12th


Session I: The Basis of Tumor Recognition

Chair: Larry Samelson

Session II: Checkpoint Modulators

Chair: James Gulley

Session III: Fundamentals of CAR-based Therapies I

Chair: Dinah Singer

Session IV: Fundamentals of CAR-based Therapies II

Chair: Luca Gattinoni

Friday, October 13th

Session V: The Basis of Tumor Recognition II

Chair: Tim Greten

Session VI: Fundamental Biology of T Lymphocytes

Chair: Chair: Jay Berzofsky

Session VII: Cancer Vaccines and their Context

Chair: Chair: James Yang