Blood Collection Guidelines for Macaques

Macaques have a blood volume of approximately 66 ml/kg. 10% of this volume may be taken during a 2-week period or 15% may be taken with a 4-week recovery period (see table below).

Table I: Blood Sampling Volumes and Recovery Periods for macaques

% Circulatory Blood mL/kg Blood Volume Removed Approximate Recovery Period
10% 6.6 2 weeks
15% 10 4 weeks


For a 5 kg macaque: Up to 50 mLs of blood could be removed at one or multiple points during a 2 week period, but no additional blood should be taken during the subsequent 4 weeks. However, if 33 mLs or less of blood is taken during a 2 week period, an additional volume of up to 33 mLs could be taken during the subsequent 2 week period.

NFL Animal Care and Use Committee - Approved 10/28/2004