Notification Plan for Animal Study Proposal Renewals and Annual Reviews

  • At six months prior to the anniversary of the ASP approval date a notification memorandum is sent by interoffice mail to the Principal Investigator (PI) to renew their study. The annual review notification memorandum is sent out three months prior to the approval date anniversary.
  • At three months prior to the scheduled ASP submission deadline date, for the ACUC meeting in which the proposal must be reviewed, an email message is sent to the PIs that have not submitted a renewal.
  • At four and two weeks prior to the applicable ASP submission deadline date, a reminder (email and/or phone call) is made to the PI or any other pertinent user listed on the study for any studies that still have not been renewed.
  • Any studies that still have not been renewed or annually reviewed by the applicable ASP submission deadline date will be inactivated immediately. All animals housed on this study will become property of the ACUC and no data collection or experimental procedures will be conducted. Animal husbandry and care will continue to be provided by the facility staff.
  • If any PI continues to seek data collection or to perform experimental procedures on animals placed in an inactive status before a renewal or annual review has been approved by the ACUC, the matter will be forwarded to the ACUC for necessary action.
  • The notification of the ASPs inactive state will be issued to the PI, the facility manager, and the Lab/Branch Chief.