Federal Regulations, Policies, and Guidelines

Animal Welfare Act

Congress established this Act to ensure that all animals (excluding mice, rats, and birds) are provided humane care and treatment.

Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals

The Guide is used "to assist institutions in caring for and using animals in ways judged to be scientifically, technically, and humanely appropriate. It also serves to assist investigators in fulfilling their obligation to plan and conduct animal experiments in accord with the highest scientific, humane, and ethical principles."

Guidelines for the Care and Use of Mammals in Neuroscience and Behavioral Research

Expanding on the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, this publication provides current best practices for animal care and use and discusses how applicable regulations and guidelines can be applied to neuroscience and behavioral research. It encourages the use of professional judgment and careful interpretation of regulations and guidelines to develop performance standards that ensure animal well-being and high-quality research.

PHS Policy on the Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals

This policy is intended to ensure that PHS grantees and contractors care for and use animals humanely.

U.S. Government Principles for the Utilization and Care of Vertebrate Animals Used in Testing, Research, and Training

These principles were developed specifically for U.S. Government agencies to follow when conducting testing, research, or training procedures involving vertebrate animals.

AVMA Guidelines on Euthanasia [2013]

This document provides guidance on euthanasia methods and agents to ensure that animals are relieved from unnecessary pain and suffering.

USDA Animal Care Policy Manual

This is a resource guide that provides additional clarification on the intent of the Animal Welfare Act.

Additional Reference Resources