The Elementary Outreach Program provides the opportunity for elementary school students in the Frederick County Public School System to receive supplemental science training through hands-on experiences in the classroom.

Volunteer teams of employees from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) at Frederick, including its contractors and Fort Detrick, provide experiences involving scientific expertise and equipment not normally available within the elementary schools in Frederick County. The lessons are planned to complement the school curriculum and are coordinated with the administrators of the school system. The opportunity to enlighten the students about careers in scientific research is an important aspect of the program. The volunteers are from both administrative and scientific backgrounds to let the students know that a career in science does not always mean being a bench scientist.

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* Before Submitting your volunteer registration; please receive supervisory permission. We ask that all volunteers sign up to go to 2 schools minimum throughout the school year. Schedules will be provided by a EOP team leader by October of each school year