AIDS and Cancer Virus Program

Photo of Dr. Lifson

Jeffrey D. Lifson, M.D.

Director, AIDS and Cancer Virus Program
PI/Principal Investigator, Retroviral Pathogenesis Section

Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc.
Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research
Frederick, MD 21702-1201

Tel: 301-846-1408
Fax: 301-846-5588


Dr. Lifson received his M.D. from Northwestern University Medical School in 1982, then pursued residency and research fellowship training in the Department of Pathology at the Stanford University School of Medicine. He became involved in AIDS-related research in 1983, playing a key role in establishing the first program in the United States to try to prevent transfusion-mediated transmission of AIDS through laboratory testing, while also conducting basic in vitro studies of AIDS pathogenesis. After several years of continuing research in AIDS pathogenesis while working in the biotechnology industry, during which time he helped pioneer the development and application of quantitative molecular methods for monitoring HIV replication in infected individuals. Dr. Lifson moved to the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research in 1995, establishing the Retroviral Pathogenesis Section within the AIDS Vaccine Program. His work there has focused on the continuing development and application of quantitative virological and immunological methods for understanding retroviral pathogenesis and evaluating approaches for the prevention and treatment of retroviral infection and AIDS. In 2002, Dr. Lifson was named the director of the AIDS Vaccine Program, which became the AIDS and Cancer Virus Program in 2008.

Research Description

The Retroviral Pathogenesis Section conducts both in vitro and in vivo studies aimed at improving our understanding of the basis of lentiviral pathogenesis, particularly those aspects relevant to the development and evaluation of effective means of preventing and treating HIV infection and AIDS. The work spans a broad scope from in vitro studies of the structure of viral molecules involved in infection, to the interaction of viral particles with immune system cells, to in vitro studies, to in vivo studies in non-human primate models. The work emphasizes both applied studies such as the in vitro and in vivo evaluation of candidate vaccine and treatment approaches (immunogens, adjuvants, modes of immunization) and more basic studies aimed at characterizing fundamental processes of virus/host interactions potentially relevant to prevention and treatment. Areas of particular interest include development of improved non-human primate models involving minimally chimeric HIV strains, non-human primate models for evaluating virus suppressive antiretroviral drug treatment and approaches for targeting residual virus and latently infected reservoirs in treated individuals, the dynamics of virus/host interactions during primary infection, the mechanistic basis and consequences of chronic generalized immune activation in pathogenic primate lentiviral infection, and characterization of the virus/host interactions associated with situations of effective host control of replication, including vaccine induced protection.

Key Collaborators

  • Cristian Apetrei, University of Pittsburgh
  • Nina Bhardwaj, New York University
  • Paul Bieniasz, HHMI/Rockefeller University/ADARC
  • Jason Brenchley, NIAID/NIH
  • Mary Carrington, NCI Frederick
  • Ron Desrosiers, University of Miami
  • Danny Douek, VRC/NIAID/NIH
  • David Evans, University of Wisconsin, WNPRC
  • Romas Geleziunas, Gilead Sciences
  • Ashley Haase, University of Minnesota
  • Beatrice Hahn, University of Pennsylvania
  • Theodora Hatziioannou, ADARC
  • Daria Hazuda, Merck Research Laboratories
  • Vanessa Hirsch, NIAID/NIH
  • Jim Hoxie, University of Pennsylvania
  • R. Paul Johnson, Emory University, YNPRC
  • Vineet KewalRamani, HIV-DRP/NCI
  • Mal Martin, NIAID/NIH
  • Louis Picker, OHSU/VGTI/ONPRC
  • Melissa Robbiani, The Population Council
  • Tim Schacker, University of Minnesota
  • Bob Seder, VRC/NIAID/NIH
  • George Shaw, University of Pennsylvania
  • Guido Silvestri, Emory University
  • Sriram Subramaniam, NCI
  • Ron Veazey, Tulane University/TNPRC

Recent Publications

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  • Gregory Q. Del Prete, Ph.D., Staff Scientist
  • Robert J. Gorelick, Ph.D., Staff Scientist
  • Douglas K. Schneider, Research Associate II