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DNA Extraction

The laboratory currently offers DNA extraction of large volume whole blood samples (10-20 ml), buffy coat, cell pellets and cell lines using Qiagen Maxi kits with quantification performed by OD260/280 determination.

The laboratory also offers DNA Extraction of samples using the Qiagen M48 BioRobot. This instrument uses magnetic bead technology to isolate DNA and RNA from sample volumes up to 0.4 ml. Extracted DNA samples are quantified by OD260/280 and double stranded DNA recovery is confirmed by PicoGreen. The M48 BioRobot is a versatile instrument with kits and corresponding software packages designed for extraction of nucleic acid from a wide variety of sample types. The BioRobot is designed for optimal use with batches of up to 48 samples per run but can extract from 6-48 samples at a time in multiples of 6 samples. Prices listed below assume that 3 samples in each batch run will be quality control samples.

DNA Extraction Services - Per Sample

  • M48 Biorobot - 150ml buffy coat (25-48 samples/batch)$7.66
  • M48 Biorobot - 150ml buffy coat (13-24 samples/batch)$8.68
  • M48 Biorobot - 150ml buffy coat (1-12 samples/batch)$11.13
  • Qiagen Maxi Kit Exliaction (M&S Only)$14.28
  • DNA Quantification - Single Method$2.64
  • DNA Quantification - Dual Method$3.97
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