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Blue Planet

Summer Video Series: Blue Planet II

The Summer Video Series, Blue Planet II, begins the week of July 2nd in two locations: the ATRF and main campus.

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Student Jeopardy

12th Annual Student Science Jeopardy Tournament

This year's tournament will be held on Wednesday, July 25th. Come learn, have fun, and win!

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Resource of the month

ACD Labs NMR Predictors

The ACD Labs NMR Predictors provide prediction and lookup capabilities for 1H, 13C, 15N, 19F, and 31P spectra. Use this resource to predict the spectra of novel compounds, or to identify known compounds based on experimental evidence from a sample.

To learn more about the NMR Predictors, attend a thirty-minute webinar, Thursday, July 26, at 3:00 p.m.