Notice of Copyright/Use Restrictions for Electronic Resources

Access to electronic resources offered by the Scientific Library is restricted to National Cancer Institute at Frederick (NCI-F) employees in accordance with conditions specified in license agreements established between the NCI-F Scientific Library and / or NIH Library and electronic resource providers. Should a provider detect a breach or violation of terms specified in an agreement, it is possible that access for the entire institution could be terminated.

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General Copyright Restrictions

  • Employees using these resources are authorized to print or download full or partial results of searches for personal or internal business or research use, as specified in the electronic resources' license agreements. Users may not systematically download and/or archive materials from electronic resources.
  • Users must not share access with, perform searches for, or provide results to non-NCI-F users, i.e. collaborators at other universities or research centers. Employees are not authorized to distribute data retrieved from the electronic resources in any form (printed, electronically relayed, posted to public list services, bulletin boards or chat rooms, or magnetically stored) to, for the benefit of, anyone who is not an NCI-F employee. Employees are not permitted to create derivative databases from the resources except as noted above. Restrictions may vary according to the resources' producers/publishers.
  • When in doubt, consult the publisher for permission.

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Date Last Updated: 1/19/2022