Accessioning System Consolidation Project: Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What is the Accessioning System Consolidation Project?

    The goal of this project is to analyze the requirements, develop, and implement a facility-wide single accessioning system currently fulfilled by the CSAS, Yellow Task systems as well as the TSA process.
  2. What is the timeline for the project?

    Currently the goal is to have an RFI submitted by September 1, 2013. Once we receive the responses back; we will have a better understanding of the overall timeline for the project.
  3. Who is on the team? Who is on the Steering Committee?

    During the first phase of the project, the project team will be comprised of subject matter experts from the ATP, C&SS, Contract Planning and Administration, Finance and Research Contracts. During subsequent phases of the project additional team members may be added. The steering committee is comprised of senior NCI and contractor management, including representatives from the NCI/OSO, NCI/MOSB, SAIC-F and DMS.
  4. How will the outcome of this project impact my job as a requestor, program manager, AO, etc.?

    The new system will provide a single entry point for submitting requests which will eliminate confusion as to which system a requester needs to use. In addition, the new system will provide better functionality and tracking for its users.
  5. Will the scope of work be competitively bid or sole sourced?

    The RFP will be a competitive bid.
  6. If I know of a potential vendor who may have a COTS solution, who should I refer them to or how can they get access to the RFI/RFP?

    Please send any information regarding potential vendors to the project managers, Jerry Burge and Jim Racheff.
  7. Who can I contact for additional information?

    Please contact the project managers, Jerry Burge and Jim Racheff.
  8. How can I provide input to the team?

    You can contact the project managers, Jerry Burge and Jim Racheff, if you would like to discuss the project and provide any input.
  9. How will this affect my budget?

    This project should not have any effect on your budget.
  10. When will this project begin to affect my department?

    Once the system has been developed and tested, a series of training sessions will take place before implementation. We will have a better idea of the timing of these activities once the responses to the RFI have been reviewed.
  11. Will I have the option to provide feedback on what will be chosen?

    A series of vetting criteria will be developed and approved by the Steering Committee. If you have any specific input or suggestions, please contact the project managers.
  12. Will I be required to purchase additional software from my budget or will it be provided to me?

    You will not be asked to purchase additional software.