Emergency Preparedness & Continuity of Operations (COOP)

Maintaining essential functions during emergencies.

When to Implement COOP

The NCI-Frederick Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP) may be activated for emergencies that are local to NCI-Frederick or for regional emergencies that could impact normal operating functions. Examples include:

  • Fire
  • Aircraft Crash
  • Disease Outbreaks
  • Natural Disasters, including Severe Weather Events
  • Terrorism Events
  • Power / Water Outages
  • Workplace Violence
  • Special Events (e.g., VIP Visits)

Preparing At Work

  • Locate and review office / building evacuation plans
  • Establish and maintain office / department-wide contact lists for use in emergency events
  • Regularly back-up critical work files in case your computer is compromised or destroyed during the emergency

Preparing At Home

  • Establish a family emergency preparedness plan that outlines what to do and how to communicate during an emergency
  • Stock supplies to sustain your family for a minimum of three days
  • If you commute to work, establish family meeting locations in the event the emergency impacts local transportation routes

Contact Information

Employee Hotline for Emergency Updates

Occupational Health Services

Inclement Weather Information

301-619-7611 (or) 1-800-256-7621
Hearing Impaired: 301-619-2293