Overview & Requirements

What is COOP?

  • COOP stands for continuity of operations
  • It is an internal effort to ensure the capability exists to maintain essential functions across a wide range of potential emergencies through plans and procedures

COOP Portion of the NCI-Frederick Emergency Preparedness Plan

  • Provides guidance for the continuation of essential functions during emergencies when NCI-Frederick operations are unable to run at full capacity
  • Identifies two groups of personnel to manage and maintain NCI-Frederick mission essential functions — the Leadership Team and the Crisis Response Team
  • Designates responsibility for collecting information on the scope and impact of an emergency situation

Leadership Team — provides strategic decision-making, coordination, and communications

Crisis Response Team — led by the Emergency Coordinator, and composed of the Functional Unit Teams and the EOC & CMC Support Group

Functional Unit Teams — assess the impact of the crisis on essential functions, recommend initial and subsequent actions to the Leadership Team, and execute response operations

Emergency Operations Center (EOC) & Crisis Management Center (CMC) Support Group — provide administrative and logistical support to the Leadership Team and the Functional Unit Teams during an emergency event; responsible for set up of both the CMC and the EOC