Alternate Work Locations

Red Phone

Crisis Management Center (CMC)

The location usef by the Leadership Team during emergencies.

Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

The location used by the Crisis Response Team during emergencies*

Working Remotely

  • In accordance with NCI-Frederick Policy and Procedures, employees must be pre-approved to perform telework. Approval is based on the nature and severity of the emergency situation and the type of program supported
  • If applicable, employees should consult with their supervisor for the proper procedures and equipment (e.g., computers; remote network access. etc.) needed to work remotely
  • Non-COOP employees may be directed by their supervisors, in consult with the NCI-Frederick CRT, to remain at home and/or work from home (telework)

* The COOP portion of the NCI-Frederick EPP lists the primary and alternate locations of the CMC and EOC