New to DMS?

Prior to Start Date:

  • Confirm receipt and acceptance of your written job offer (all offerees receive a written offer of employment).
  • Arrange a starting date with DMS Human Resources (301-694-5230).
  • You can anticipate receiving emails regarding the following:
    • NIH ID Badge Enrollment form
    • Information Security Awareness Course
    • Privacy Awareness Course
  • NIH ID Badge Enrollment/Issuance Appointments

First Day:

  • Report to Building 362, Room 23, to begin your orientation.
  • Complete all requisite forms that are applicable to your position.
  • Review the DMS Policy and Procedure Manual; confirm acknowledgment.
  • Review procedures for recording your Time and Attendance with your supervisor.
  • Receive your network logon and e-mail address; phone number and voice mail instructions; campus map; and supplies.
  • Report to NCI-Frederick Protective Services to obtain your Employee ID and keys.
  • Acknowledge completion of the above.

First Month:

  • New Employee Orientation (link to the schedule)
  • NIH Badge Enrollment (link to info on making this appt)
  • NIH Badge Issuance (link to info on making this appt)
  • Contractor Non-Disclosure Agreement form


  • Employment Eligibility Verification (I9)
  • NIH Nondisclosure Agreement
  • OF 306, Declaration for Federal Employment
  • Federal Income Tax Withholding (W4)
  • Maryland Tax Withholding (MW 507)
  • DC Tax Withholding (DC-4)
  • Virginia Tax Withholding (VA-4)
  • West Virginia Tax Withholding (IT-140W)
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