Project TitleInstitutionMentorLocationKeywords
The Impact of Extracellular Matrix Properties on Cancer Metastasis Johns Hopkins UniversityDrs. Sharon Gerecht, Hawley Pruitt, and Eugenia VolkovaBaltimore, MDExtracellular Matrix, Cancer Metastasis, Hypoxia
Understanding Cancer Drug Resistance via Single-Cell Analyses MITDr. Douglas LauffenburgerCambridge, MAComputation, Drug Resistance, Tumor Heterogeneity, Single-Cell Analysis
Transport Heterogeneity in Tumors as a Source of Therapeutic Resistance Houston Methodist Research InstituteDr. Arturas ZiemysHouston, TXComputational modeling and simulations; Transport properties of tissues; Therapeutic resistance
Investigating of interactions between breast cancer-derived extracellular vesicles and bone scaffolds as model for bone metastasis Cornell UniversityDr. Lara EstroffIthaca, NYBreast cancer, bone metastasis, extracellular vesicles
Understanding contact guidance by melanoma cells with different metastatic potential University of MinnesotaDr. Robert TranquilloMinneapolis, MNContact guidance, Cancer Metastasis, 3D matrix environment
Computational and machine learning approaches to identify tumor - immune system interactions for cancer immunotherapy Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer CenterDr. Christina LeslieNew York, NYComputational immunology, genomics, machine learning, mathematical modeling
Precision modeling of cancer with CRISPR mediated in vivo gene editing Yale UniversityDr. Sidi ChenOrange, CTgene editing, modeling of cancer, drug response
Effects of maternal obesity on the developing fetal immune system. Stanford UniversityDr. Sreya BagchiPalo Alto, CAobesity, immunology, fetal development
Chromatin remodeling, DNA breaks & cell migration University of PennsylvaniaDr. Dennis E. DischerPhiladelphia, PACancer cell migration; rigidity of tumor microenvironment; nucleus and chromatin
Multi-omic analysis of tumor heterogeneity OHSU Dr. Emek DemirPortland, ORComputational Biology, Machine learning, Breast Cancer, Tumor Heterogeneity
Comparative oncology: Calculating cancer prevalence and identifying molecular mechanisms of cancer defenses in nonhuman animals NC State University in collaboration with Arizona Cancer Evolution CenterDr. Tara HarrisonRaleigh, NCcomparative oncology, tissue culture, database entry, clinical vet medicine
Investigating the impact of the blood-brain barrier on treatment efficacy of brain tumors. Mayo ClinicDr. Jann SarkariaRochester, MNGlioblastoma, blood brain barrier, drug delivery
Mathematical modeling of tumor evolution and cancer-immune cell interactions to understand and improve patient response to therapy University of UtahDr. Frederick R. AdlerSalt Lake City, UTMathematics, heterogeneity, drug resistance
Systems Analysis of Epigenomic Architecture in Cancer Progression The University of Texas Health Science Center at San AntonioDr. Tim HuangSan Antonio, TXHormone resistant cancers, Protein-chromatin interactions, Bioinformatics
Developing a pipeline for rapid structural characterization of transient, low abundance protein complexes from cells by electron microscopy. UCSFDrs. Danielle Swaney and Kliment VerbaSan Francisco, CAstructural biology, proteomics, image processing
Using mathematical modeling to improve combination immunotherapy regimens in lung cancer. H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research InstituteDrs. Alexander Anderson & Robert GatenbyTampa, FLMathematical modeling; immunology; therapy optimization
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