Project TitleInstitutionMentorLocationKeywords
Targeted therapeutics for prostate cancer molecular subtypes University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical CampusDrs. Scott Cramer & James CostelloAurora, CO Prostate cancer, tumor suppressors, targeted therapeutics
The Impact of Extracellular Matrix Properties on Cancer Metastasis Johns Hopkins UniversityDrs. Sharon Gerecht, Hawley Pruitt, & Eugenia VolkovaBaltimore, MDExtracellular Matrix, Cancer Metastasis, Hypoxia
Understanding Cancer Drug Resistance via Single-Cell Analyses MITDr. Douglas LauffenburgerCambridge, MAComputation, Drug Resistance, Tumor Heterogeneity, Single-Cell Analysis
Experimental and Computational Analysis of Immune Signaling Networks in Cancer City of HopeDrs. Peter P. Lee & Russ RockneDuarte, CA Cytokine signaling, Breast cancer, Computational modeling
AI empowers integrative analysis of imaging CYTOF and multi-omics data for prognosis and drug response biomarker prediction in high-grade serous ovarian cancer. Houston Methodist Research InstituteDr. Stephen T. C. WongHouston, TXArtificial Intelligence/machine learning/deep learning, Systems biology, Mathematical modeling, Biomarkers, Ovarian Cancer, Drug resistance
Cancer cells have relatives too—tracking the dynamics of heterogeneous drug response using lineage tree-based hidden Markov models UCLADr. Aaron MeyerLos Angeles, CAdrug resistance, heterogeneity, machine learning
Visualizing cancer cell spreading in aligned 3D collagen gels University of MinnesotaDr. Robert TranquilloMinneapolis, MN Contact Guidance, Extracellular Matrix, Pseudopodial dynamics
Computational and machine learning approaches to identify tumor - immune system interactions for cancer immunotherapy MSKCCDr. Christina LeslieNew York, NY (MSKCC)Computational immunology, genomics, machine learning, mathematical modeling
Engineering extracellular TCR-CD3 interaction to identify new immunotherapy targets against cancer NYU School of MedicineDr. Michelle KrogsgaardNew York, NY (NYUSM)Immunotherapy, cancer, T cell receptor, biophysics, combinatorial library screening
Understanding lineage plasticity in human pancreatic cancer using single-cell analyses Stanford UniversityDr. Almudena Espín PérezPalo Alto, CATumor microenvironment, Deep learning, Deconvolution
Multiscale Systems Models to Explore Drug Sensitivity and Resistance in Cancer Pharmacology UPennDr. Ravi RadhakrishnanPhiladelphia, PA (CSBC)Boolean models, differential equations, global sensitivity analysis
Immune Attack and Cancer Genome Variation under Confinement UPennDrs. Brandon Hayes & Michael TobinPhiladelphia, PA (PSOC)Immune cells, Gene editing, Genomics, Biophysics, Mechanobiology
Behind the curtain: Deconvolving the tumor states giving rise to clinical imaging in glioblastoma Mayo ClinicDrs. Kristin Swanson & Andrea Hawkins-DaarudPhoenix, AZStatistical Analysis, Brain Cancer, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Image-localized biopsies
Quantitative assessment of the influence of microenvironmental signals on phenotypic state of mammary epithelial cells Oregon Health & Sciences UniversityDr. Laura HeiserPortland, ORBreast cancer ,Phenotypic responses, Heterogeneity
Investigating the impact of the blood-brain barrier on treatment efficacy of brain tumors. Mayo ClinicDr. Jann SarkariaRochester, MN Glioblastoma, blood brain barrier, drug delivery
Using single-cell sequencing technologies and computational methods to understand response and resistance to cancer immunotherapy UCSDDrs. Alex Wenzel & Victoria WuSan Diego,CAhead & neck cancer, immunotherapy, machine learning
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