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    November 16, 2018

    Looking for a community to help you be successful in your career? Come join the Frederick Diversity Committee! FDC strives to empower fellows to get the most out of their training by organizing workshops, seminars, and events to facilitate networking, career development and work-life balance. This Thursday, we will be discussing the volunteer opportunities in the Frederick elementary and middle school, as well as upcoming FDC activities. We encourage you to attend and provide your valuable input about the topics or events of interest to you and your career.

    • • Cathy Cullen, Education and Outreach Specialist, will be discussing potential volunteer opportunities in the Frederick community.
    • • FDC members will discuss the planning for upcoming “Chalk Talk” series, in which various members of the NCI community, including CCR Director Tom Misteli, wish to provide insight on how to give a successful chalk talk.

Past Events

  • Mentor-Mentee Mixer - Halloween Edition!

    Thank you to those who attended the Fall 2018 Mentor-Mentee Mixer! We hope you had a great time networking and enjoyed meeting all of the fellows and mentors who attended during the Speed Mentoring event. Our hope is that you were able to meet a potential mentor during the Mixer and can build a mentor-mentee relationship through the connection established during the mixer. If you need additional guidance in this process, please view Guidelines for Finding Mentors.

    Fall Mixer Image Speed Mentoring Image
    Attendees networking in the Building 549 lobby over               The Speed mentoring event, where each trainee rotated
    desserts and coffee.                                                                  around the tables and spoke to each mentor for two minutes.