October 15, 2024
Hood College
Hodson Auditorium in Rosenstock Hall
401 Rosemont Avenue
Frederick, MD 21701
Rosenstock Hall

Welcome to the 2024 NCI Intramural Scientific Investigators Retreat.

This is a closed meeting.

Invitation is at the discretion of the CCR and DCEG Director.

The Retreat is in-person only and will not be videocast.

The 2024 NCI Intramural Scientific Investigators Retreat will be on Tuesday, October 15 held at Hood College in Frederick, Maryland.  The retreat promises to be an informative day and will provide the perfect opportunity for NCI colleagues and invited guests to gather and share research findings and ideas. The agenda features awards and keynote presentations, scientific poster sessions, breakout sessions, and the NCI CCR & DCEG Directors' Reception. 

The National Cancer Institute (NCI), the largest of the institutions of the National Institutes of Health, is dedicated to advancing cancer research, training, and information dissemination. NCI's mission encompasses exploring the causes, detection, treatment, and prevention of cancer and supporting the rehabilitation of cancer patients. As the primary federal agency for cancer research, NCI collaborates extensively with federal agencies, universities, non-profit research institutions, and private sector firms to fulfill its objectives.

The Intramural Research Program (IRP) conducts cutting-edge research in basic, clinical, and epidemiological cancer studies within NCI. Its goals include sharing findings with the broader scientific and medical communities, facilitating the transfer of technology from labs to patients and vice versa, and raising public awareness about cancer-related health issues. To achieve these aims, researchers engage in collaborations and seek assistance from peers to overcome research obstacles.

Enhancing collaboration and communication among IRP investigators is a focal point for the NCI Director. However, the geographic dispersion of NCI Intramural labs across multiple campuses and buildings presents challenges. Limited daily or monthly interaction between staff and a lack of cross-disciplinary exchanges hinder the translation of research discoveries into tangible outcomes.

Acknowledging these barriers, the NCI Director instituted an annual forum, known as the NCI Intramural Scientific Investigators Retreat (otherwise known as the PI retreat), 27 years ago. This event convenes principal investigators from across the IRP to present their research, engage in discussions, and foster collaborations. In addition to poster sessions and oral presentations, the retreat welcomes members of scientific oversight boards and other invited guests. Confidentiality agreements ensure the open sharing of ongoing research, allowing for constructive feedback and peer review.

Over the years, the PI retreat has catalyzed numerous cross-disciplinary projects and collaborations, elevating the recognition of expertise and resources within the NCI IRP. It serves as the primary venue for comprehensive information exchange within the IRP and stands as the cornerstone event with significant impact on NCI's mission.



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