October 17 - 18, 2024
National Institutes of Health
9000 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, Maryland 20892
Building 45
Natcher Auditorium

Join us for an exciting symposium on chromosome biology, focusing on the fundamental mechanisms of genome function within the eukaryotic cell nucleus. 

This symposium is a tribute to the legacies of Dr. C. David Allis and Dr. Gary Felsenfeld, pioneers in the study of chromatin and gene expression. It is a part of a prestigious international series focused on Chromatin and Chromosome Biology, showcasing presentations from 25 renowned scientists at the forefront of their disciplines. Sessions will explore a diverse array of topics, including the impact of histone modifications on gene regulation and development, chromatin remodeling, organization, DNA replication, repair, and the assembly of heterochromatin.

The Center of Excellence in Chromosome Biology (CECB), open to all NCI intramural investigators, brings together experts from fields such as dynamics of chromatin structure and function; epigenetics and gene expression; chromosome segregation and cell division; DNA replication, repair, and recombination; chromosome organization and nuclear protein interaction dynamics. The CECB integrates the intellectual and physical resources within NCI's Intramural Research Program to support outstanding research in chromosome biology.


  • Promote interaction and collaboration among researchers within the NCI, NIH, and beyond
  • Promote advances and opportunities for research in chromosome biology
  • Leverage cutting-edge tools, approaches, and resources to advance chromosome biology as it applies to cancer research
  • Train young investigators to address complex scientific questions through collaboration and multi-disciplinary approaches


Shiv Grewal, Ph.D., Center for Cancer Research, NCI
Gordon Hager, Ph.D., Center for Cancer Research, NCI
Alexander Kelly, Ph.D., Center for Cancer Research, NC


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