Attendee Registration

Whether or not you will be able to attend, please send pictures, relevant scientific images and/or anecdotes to Gisela Storz at by May 31.

In the "More Information" box below, please provide the following and use / to separate each answer (e.g.: yes/postdoc/1998-2002/2/2/yes).

  • Interest in giving 1-2 minute flash talk about current position and/or research (1-2 slides is optional): Yes/No

  • Connection to Dr. Susan Gottesman's lab?

  • Years in the lab (xxxx-xxxx)?

  • Number of adults (including yourself) attending the dinner?

  • Number of children attending the dinner?

  • Interested in giving an anecdote at dinner?  Yes/No

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Registration for this event seems to be closed. If you need assistance, please reach out to the contact for this conference.