NCI BRB Grants

The grant program of the BRB consists of a portfolio of approximately 150 funded grants, totaling $35,000,000 per year. The portfolio is currently handled by three Program Directors:

  • Dr. Jason Yovandich, Ph.D.

    Program Director / Project Officer Phone: 301-846-5827 Email:
  • Dr. Anthony Welch, Ph.D.

    Program Director / Project Officer Phone: 301-846-5691 Email:
  • Dr. Rachelle Salomon

    Program Director / Project Officer Phone: 301-846-5002 Email:

The subject matter of the funded grants in the BRB is in the area of biological agents, immunological concepts, and animal models for cancer treatment. For example, monoclonal antibodies (conjugated and unconjugated), cytokines, vaccines, gene therapy using a variety of vectors, delivery of biological agents, adoptive immunotherapy, innate immunity, bone marrow transplantation (including GVHD and GVL effects), antisense and siRNA therapy, specific animal models, and combination therapies are some of the grants the BRB funds. Although most of the grants are preclinical, some early Phase I pilot trials are also funded.

Information about NCI funding initiatives such as Requests for Applications (RFAs) and Program Announcements (PAs) (see NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts) as well as the Small Business grant program can be found at the following web site: The site also gives useful information about grant reviews and has applications that can be downloaded.

Information about funded NIH grants can be searched using the Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tool(RePORT) at the following address:

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