Laboratory Animal Sciences Program
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  • Provides a full range of services, dedicated to serving the needs of NCI investigators as well as the wider NIH community.
  • Provides quality, flexible, and innovative histopathology and molecular pathology support from rodent necropsies through to nucleic acid isolation from target cell populations.
  • Collaboration with scientific staff is highly encouraged, whether on a technical level regarding the methods required, or on a scientific level, requiring consultation with a staff pathologist
PHL is a dedicated core service laboratory for the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and other NIH institutes.

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*Please note: all investigators need to establish an account in order to use our services
The new PHL Portal is a website designed to provide our customers the ability to manage and track requests online. Once securely logged in, the web-based interface allows you to search for individual animals, review open and past requests and to check charges incurred to date.

Visit the PHL Portal
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