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PHL Immunohistochemistry Database

The PHL Immunohistochemistry Database provides the specifics of hundreds of chromogenic and fluorescent immunohistochemical assays culled from decades of prior service requests. Select the desired antibody target and search to return recommended methods including validated control tissue(s). When working with archival material or an existing antibody stock, additionally select the corresponding fixative and vendor as these may or may not be part of a recommended protocol. Also recognize that not all antibodies cross react with specificity across all species so always check the recommended controls.

For more information, please contact Donna Butcher at or 301-846-5936. Also see Notes on Techniques, Abbreviations, and Acronyms and links to Antibody Manufacturers. Additional contributors to this resource over the years include Lawrence Sternberg, Brad Gouker, Diana Haines, Barbara Kasprzak, Keith Rogers, Miriam Anver, and Jerrold Ward.


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