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Hub and Special Activities

The hub location offers an open are where participants can enjoy a variety of educational (and entertaining) activities without having to register for a specific time period. Children do not need to register for specific activities, but they do have to register for the event. To register your child, go to the child registration page.

  • Hub Activities

    • Air Rockets

      Come design your own rocket and launch it!

    • Big Feelings, Small People

      This one’s for the parents! Come and get tips and tricks on how to help your child manage his/her emotions through tip sheets and questions and answers with a licensed counselor.

    • Color Spray - Science through Art

      Want to see how to create art through science? Here you will get the chance to design your own t-shirt and find out what happens when rubbing alcohol, colored markers, and the cotton fibers of a t-shirt interact!

    • Dash and Splash

      Dash and Splash is a fun competition where you will go through a timed obstacle course and finish it off by shooting water guns at a canvas covered in symbols for cancer to "wash away cancer."

    • Face painting with R&W Club Frederick

      R&W Club Frederick, the recreation and welfare council for employees at NCI at Frederick, will be sponsoring free face painting!

    • Frederick County 4-H Club

      Come out and learn what 4-H is all about! Learn how to use your head, hands, heart, and health to make a difference in your community! Explore 4-H projects and opportunities to get involved! Enjoy a game of corn hole with the 4-H Royalty!

    • Freeze Cream

      Come experience Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream!

    • Fun in the Sun

      Come join the occupational health team and student interns to learn about the science of movement and the benefits of laughter as we partner together to offer games and activities in the hub!

    • Get Inside a Scientist’s Head

      Picture yourself as a scientist! In this Hub activity, Scientific Publications, Graphics & Media staff will help you get inside a scientist’s head. Get your picture taken, but with a twist - your head on a scientist’s body! Your picture will be sent to your parent or guardian within a few days after the event.

    • Hands On Snakes

      Touch live snakes and learn more about these interesting creatures!!

    • Rescue Rules

      Opt to Adopt, Awareness Helps Save Lives! Come find out about animal rescue and meet some adopted rescues who found their happy forever home after not so happy beginnings!

    • Rita’s Ice Sponsored by Nymeo

      Nymeo will have Rita's ice on hand to share a cool refreshing treat.

    • Square Bubbles

      Stop by to learn how to make square bubbles. Create your own wand out of pipe cleaners and straws and then test out your bubble-making skills with some very soapy water.

    • Write Your Name in Braille

      Staff members on the Employee Diversity Team (EDT), will help you to make a Braille name tag.

Special Activities

  • Science Room: 10:00am-3:00pm

    • Make Your Own Polymer
    • DNA Fruit Extraction – extract banana DNA in a test tube
    • Acid/Base Animals – use soap and lemon juice to decorate paper animal design
    • Science in a Baggie – use chemicals to create an interaction in a baggie!