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Listed below are the programs for 2014 Take Your Child to Work Day. To register your child, go to the child registration page. Child registration will open on Monday, June 2nd, 2014.

  • As Physical As You Can

    Ages 8 - 13.

    Come participate in entertaining experiments on magnetism, optics, mechanics and electricity and watch a fun 3-D PowerPoint presentation.

  • Chemical Magic Show

    Ages 6 - 13.

    Several experiments that highlight fascinating chemistry both from the lab and in our everyday lives will be showcased in a super fun demonstration that will dazzle all the kids!

  • Drugs from Bugs, Shrubs and Slugs

    Ages 7 - 13.

    Way more than setting the blender on puree, this program will show how we go from samples we have collected in nature to chemicals ready for testing as possible new drugs. See our computer controlled robots in action and get to wear lab coats and goggles.

  • Fire and Ice

    Ages 6 - 13.

    We live in a relatively narrow range of temperatures (from 0 to about 110 degrees Fahrenheit). Come explore what happens to some everyday objects (and some not so everyday ones, too) when they are exposed to temperatures from -350 degrees to almost 2000 degrees!

  • Flies, Fish, & Frogs! Oh My!

    Ages 6 - 13.

    Stop by to observe fruit flies, zebra fish, and frogs at different stages of development using dissecting microscopes. Then identify those stages from charts depicting each stage.

  • From DNA to Mice

    Ages 8 - 13.

    Come learn about cells, nuclei and DNA. You will extract DNA from mouse cells and have the chance to see adult mice and newborn pups.

  • Images, Art and Math

    Ages 10 - 13.

    What do you see in a picture? Are you sure? Images can hide as much as they can show. Did you know that images are just math? Scientific investigators look at images in unusual ways to reveal their hidden messages. Can you help us find some of the hidden messages yourself?

  • Insect Mimicry

    Ages 6 - 13.

    You will get to see pinned and live insects and will hear about why insects look the way they do.

  • Mock Trial: Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs

    Ages 8 - 13.

    Mock Trial in the JAG Courtroom. Participants will get to serve as attorneys, jurors, or observers, as adults are questioned as witnesses in a mock lawsuit or criminal case.

  • NIH Police Bomb Dog Demonstration

    Ages 6 - 13.

    Come learn how special dogs are selected and trained to help keep us safe. Meet one of the NIH Police forces bomb sniffing dogs and see them in action.

  • Plant Disease Under the Microscope

    Ages 6 - 13.

    You will discover plant diseases using dissecting and compound microscopes. We will use the microscopes to take a closer look at samples infected with fungi, bacteria, and viruses and insects.

  • Programming for Science!

    Ages 9 - 13.

    Have fun exploring the world of computer programming.

  • See Cells through the Microscope

    Ages 6 - 13.

    You will be able to observe multi-colored cells through a microscope and write your initials on a cell. We will also observe the cells in three dimensions.

  • Unlocking the Mysteries of the Brain with the Medical Museum

    Ages 6 - 13.

    Through interactive experiences, we will discuss brain safety and the senses of smell and hearing. You will also have the opportunity to experience alcohol impairment (no alcohol involved) and to handle a real brain.

  • Want to see proteins in 3D?

    Ages 8 - 13.

    We will view the 3-dimensional structure of a protein and watch it rotate in space on a computer screen. We will also tour nuclear-magnetic-resonance instruments and include other fun activities.

  • You Be the Investigator

    Ages 6 - 13.

    There are a lot of scary diseases throughout the world. Scientific investigators create ways to protect people from these diseases. In You Be the Investigator, your job is to create a way to protect your patient (an egg) from these dangerous diseases. Using different building materials and your imagination, you will build a protective device and test it for safety on a challenging obstacle course. Then, you will learn about some of the diseases that scientists here are studying.

  • You Can Build It

    Ages 6 - 13.

    Your challenge will be to use basic craft materials to invent and build medical equipment to help Service Members treat and evacuate injured people out in the field.