To find out if a delayed opening or weather closure condition exists at the NCI Campus at Frederick, go to for further information or call 301-619-7611. Additionally, monitoring social media sites (listed below) are fast, easy ways to get closure information.

In the event of an inclement weather condition, it is important that all staff be aware of the facility dismissal and closure procedures. NCI at Frederick is committed to making operating status decisions as far in advance as feasible, and strategically using these announcements to reduce uncertainty and minimize demands on transportation infrastructure. Please share in the responsibility of making the commute as smooth and safe as possible for everyone by closely and promptly following dismissal announcements.

When early morning inclement weather conditions indicate the possible closure or delayed opening of NCI at Frederick, employees may check with various media sources for pertinent information. Below is a quick list of relevant phone numbers, radio/television stations and internet sources. Please note that because closure/delayed opening decisions are primarily made by the U.S. Army around 4 AM and radio/television stations are not obligated to report closures/delays with any specific timing, employees are encouraged to utilize the internet and telephonic sources listed in P&P 105.

These guidelines also apply to those NCI at Frederick employees located at off-site locations in Frederick County, Maryland.

Type Source/Contact
Recorded weather line 301-619-7611
NCI at Frederick Home Page
Fort Detrick Home Page
Frederick Radio WFMD AM/930, WFRE FM/99.9, WAFY FM/103.1
Hagerstown Radio WARK AM/1490, WWEG FM/106.9
Baltimore Radio WPOC FM/93.1, WCAO AM/600
Washington, DC Area Radio WMZQ FM/98.7, WETA FM/90.9, WASH FM/97.1, WIHT FM/99.5, WRQX FM/107.3
Social Media Fort Detrick USAG Facebook
Fort Detrick USAG Twitter

Closing/Delayed Opening

When Fort Detrick is closed, NCI at Frederick is also closed. When Fort Detrick has a delayed opening, NCI at Frederick also has a delayed opening. Remember NCI at Frederick does NOT follow weather closings or delayed opening advisories from the NIH-Bethesda campus nor for the Washington metropolitan area.

Early Dismissal

For early dismissals, NCI at Frederick operates independently of Fort Detrick. In the event that NCI at Frederick closes during working hours, supervisors will notify employees as to when they should depart and employees should not rely on any other sources other than their supervisory chain.


Unscheduled telework may be arranged so long as the employee has an approved telework agreement in place and receives supervisor approval to telework. Employees who are not scheduled to regularly telework on a day when there is a full-day closure, delayed opening or early dismissal should check with their supervisors and follow their organization’s telework policy regarding unscheduled telework. Employees who are scheduled to regularly telework on a day when there is a full-day closure, delayed opening or early dismissal must telework their full workday. If you are unsure about your telework status, please check with your supervisor.

Essential Personnel

In the event of delayed openings or closures of NCI at Frederick, both the Government and NCI at Frederick contractors are responsible for the identification of essential personnel and providing essential services. Identified essential personnel should report as usual and park in only the designated parking areas for snow emergency personnel (see below). Non-essential personnel should not attempt to report or enter Fort Detrick while it remains closed or before the designated opening time in the event of delayed opening.

Inclement Weather Condition Absences

The Government and NCI at Frederick contractors shall manage absences due to inclement weather conditions in accordance with their established policies.

Reasonable Accommodation

Reasonable accommodation should be provided during inclement weather and other emergencies for employees with disabilities. The Government and NCI at Frederick contractors shall provide reasonable accommodation for such employees in accordance with their established policies.

Snow Removal and Parking

Essential personnel should park only in specifically identified areas (marked with signs) within the Building 362 Parking Lot (bounded by 362, 361, and 359) and the Ware Drive Parking Lot (large lot on west side of Ware Drive) and avoid all other areas where snow removal will continue to be in progress. Please remember that snowplows have the right-of-way and personnel may be requested to move their vehicles as required for snow removal. Vehicles that interfere with snow removal operations or obstruct traffic may be towed at the owner’s risk and expense. Due to increased security concerns and limited parking spaces, employees are encouraged to remove their vehicles from the post at the end of the day.

NCI at Frederick employees located outside Frederick, but within the Washington-Baltimore metro area will be notified by announcements through the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) (202) 606-1900,

This policy is posted on the NCI at Frederick Policies and Procedures home page at page at under P&P 105 Delayed Opening/Closing or Early Dismissal of Frederick National Lab Personnel.