Neutrophil Monitoring Laboratory (NML)


The Neutrophil Monitoring Laboratory provides dedicated support to NIAID, NIH.

  • Dr. John I. Gallin, Director, Warren Grant Magnuson Clinical Center
  • Dr. Harry L. Malech, Chief, Laboratory of Host Defenses
  • Dr. Stephen M. Holland, Chief, Laboratory of Clinical Infectious Diseases


Specific assays of neutrophil function provided by the laboratory include:

  1. Determination of O2- generation
    1. Quantitative determination using superoxide dismutase inhibitable reduction of cytochrome c
    2. Histochemical determination using nitroblue tetrazolium staining
    3. Flow cytometric determination using dihydrorhodamine 123
  2. Bactericidal activity using Staphyloccoccus aureus
  3. Adherence to plastic/coated surfaces
  4. Neutrophil Granule enzyme release - myeloperoxidase, lactoferrin, gelatinase
  5. Neutrophil surface marker analysis - whole blood and upregulation in vitro
  6. Chemotaxis