Customized Training

Customized Training is designed around YOUR needs and YOUR schedule. If everyone in your lab wants to learn how to use a database together as a group, we can schedule training to fit your schedule. We can tailor any of our classes to fit your lab's specific needs. Maybe you would like to learn how to use both PubMed and Web of Science during the same training session. Or you want everyone in your lab to learn how to use a bibliographic management software program such as EndNote. We can help! If you do not see your topic of interest on our list of classes, ask us about creating a class for you.

One-on-One Training is also available. Perhaps you learn better in an individualized environment involving only you and an instructor. Maybe you need some advanced training in a particular database that only interests you, and not your entire lab. We can help with that type of situation, too.

If you are interested in more information about this exciting training opportunity, or if you would like to schedule a Customized Training class or One-on-One Training, please contact us.