Cancer Research Data Resources: Do You Know What’s Available?

By Joelle Mornini, guest writer; image shared under the Creative Commons license
Picture of a net of electric blue lines representing online data

Cancer research generates a wide range of information, from genomic data about individual tumors to patients’ clinical histories to proteomic and imaging data. NCI’s infographic of the NCI Cancer Research Data Ecosystem highlights the many types of cancer research data, the variety of ways it’s collected, and current and future NCI resources for discovering it. To help you, the Scientific Library at NCI at Frederick has compiled a list of websites related to Research Data Resources, including an overview of NCI data resources. 

NCI Data Resources

Repositories and portals where users can discover NCI-funded research data include:

Other Resources for Finding Cancer Research Data

Researchers can find a list of more than 80 data sets and databases related to cancer research at the NCI Resources for Researchers website. The National Institutes of Health provides tables of open-domain-specific data sharing repositories and other data resources where users can sort by the “ICO” column to view NCI-related repositories or keyword-search the tables for repositories related to cancer and oncology.

Other repositories related to cancer research data can be found through the Registry of Research Data Repositories (Re3Data) by searching for keywords like cancer, tumor, or oncology.   

Finally, check the Sharing Tools and Resources (STAR) page for data sharing and analysis tools developed by researchers at the National Cancer Institute at Frederick and Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research.