NCI at Frederick Publications: January–March 2022

By Alan Doss, contributing writer, Scientific Library
Word "cloud" of scientific terms

NCI at Frederick researchers produced 175 publications that were added to the NCI at Frederick Scientific Publications Database between January and March 2022.

The top five words found in the titles of these publications were “cell,” “disease,” “cancer,” “RNA,” and “patients.” Metrics pulled from the Web of Science database reveal that:

  • These publications had gathered 49 citations by April 14 and three had an H-Index of 3, meaning they were cited at least three times.
  • The top five research topics associated with these publications were biochemistry/molecular biology, cell biology, science technology (other topics), immunology, and oncology.
  • The journals NCI at Frederick researchers published in most often were Nature Communications, Viruses Basel, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), and Cell Reports.
  • NCI at Frederick researchers most often co-authored studies with Harvard University, the University of California System, Stanford University, Pennsylvania Commonwealth System of Higher Education, Massachusetts General Hospital, and League of European Research Universities.






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