Platinum Publications, June 30–July 26, 2017

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Platinum Publications are selected from articles by NCI at Frederick scientists published in 42 prestigious science journals. This list represents articles published during the time period shown above, as generated from PubMed.

Articles designated as Platinum Highlights are noteworthy articles selected from among the most recently published Platinum Publications. The Scientific Library maintains the NCI at Frederick Scientific Publications database, a collection of citations for journal articles authored by NCI at Frederick employees since 1997.

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Simanshu DK, Nissley DV, McCormick F. RAS Proteins and Their Regulators in Human Disease. Cell 170(1):17-33, 2017.


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Xing HY, Li B, Peng D, Wang CY, Wang GY, Li P, Le YY, Wang JM, Ye G, Chen JH. A novel monoclonal antibody against the N-terminus of Aβ1-42 reduces plaques and improves cognition in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. PLoS One 12(6):e0180076, 2017.


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Ries M, Reynolds MR, Bashkueva K, Crosno K, Capuano S, 3rd, Prall TM, Wiseman R, O'Connor DH, Rakasz EG, Uno H, Lifson JD, Evans DT. KIR3DL01 upregulation on gut natural killer cells in response to SIV infection of KIR- and MHC class I-defined rhesus macaques. PLoS Pathog 13(7):e1006506, 2017.


Li N, Fu H, Hewitt SM, Dimitrov DS, Ho M. Therapeutically targeting glypican-2 via single-domain antibody-based chimeric antigen receptors and immunotoxins in neuroblastoma. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 114(32):E6623-e6631, 2017.

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