Winter Video Series Coming in January

By Robin Meckley, Contributing Writer
American Genius graphic

The Scientific Library’s annual Summer Video Series was so successful that it will be offering a new Winter Video Series beginning in January.

For this inaugural event, the staff is showing the eight-part series from National Geographic titled “American Genius.” 

Behind every great genius is a great rival—an unstoppable adversary with incredible vision, determination, and ambition. Out of their struggles came the world’s most brilliant inventions. “American Genius” reveals the competitive forces behind history’s most remarkable races for innovation. The series explores the rivalries, delving into the fierce power struggles, deceit, fluke timing, and raw ambition out of which innovation was born. Bold reenactments are woven together with expert interviews to shed new perspective on the backstories of innovation that have shaped our world.

The famous rivalries include Jobs vs. Gates, the Wright Brothers vs. Curtiss, Farnsworth vs. Sarnoff, Hearst vs. Pulitzer, the Space Race, Colt vs. Wesson, Oppenheimer vs. Heisenberg, and Edison vs. Tesla.

The series will be shown at two locations: the Advanced Technology Research Facility and in Building 549 on the main campus of NCI at Frederick. Attendees may bring lunch to the programs.

Complete information, including dates, times, and locations, is available from the Scientific Library’s “American Genius” website.