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Advanced Biomedical Computational Science (ABCS) Director, Uma Mudunuri

Advanced Biomedical Computational Science (ABCS) is part of the Bioinformatics and Computational Science (BACS) program and supports scientific research at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research (FNLCR), NCI at Frederick, NCI in Bethesda, NIH, and other federal agencies. ABCS provides bioinformatics, mathematical simulation and modeling, image analysis and visualization, chemoinformatics, proteomic analysis, data integration support for scientific projects through database maintenance and development, and scientific web application development.

Imaging and Visualization, Hyun Jung

The Imaging and Visualization Group (IVG) supports and accelerates basic research by developing and implementing technologies in image analysis; scientific visualization; IT and software infrastructure; and services to facilitate data access, collaboration, and reuse; reduce duplicate efforts; and automate labor intensive workflows. Specific examples include 3-D electron microscopy (EM)/light microscopy (LM) image volume registration and web-based real-time visualization.

Structural Biology and Modeling, Brian Luke

The ABCS provides innovative solutions over a wide range of structure analysis tools and support to help accelerate the engineering and structural characterization of advanced materials, and macromolecules including modeling, implementation of hybrid methods (x-ray, EM, SAXS/SANS), tool development and custom workflows and services

Mathematical and Statistical Analysis, Brian Luke

The mathematical and statistical analysis group provides mathematical and statistical analysis and modeling of cancer and HIV/AIDS, including computational simulations, regression analysis, survival analysis, study design consultation, and parallelization/optimization of analysis scripts.

The Data Solutions and Systems Biology, Uma Mudunuri

The Data Solutions and Systems Biology (DSSB) group strives to streamline and provide integrative and innovative solutions for the NCI/NIH community to access and use biological information collected across different sources and formats. The group focuses on integrating diverse data sources to enable disease agnostic access and analysis, variant impact annotation, identifier conversions across species, and merging clinical and research data. DSSB also provides scientific infrastructure, informatics management and web programming support.

Scientific Web Programming Group, Michael Loss

The ABCS’s Scientific Web Programming Group (SWPG) enables and supports NCI science by providing innovative web application and tool development to assist groups and researchers with managing and tracking data and interacting with data and scientific applications through web interfaces.

Scientific Informatics Management Group, Chris Wolcott

The Scientific Informatics Management (SIM) group provides support for streamlining scientific workflows. The group provides data management, analysis, and automation support for NCI/NIH researchers. In addition, the group works on streamlining application development and maintenance.

CCR and NIAID Collaborative Bioinformatics Resources and CCR-Sequencing Facility Bioinformatics, Parthav Jailwala and Yongmei Zhao

ABCS provides several core resources to NCI and NIAID investigators. CCBR/NCBR are resources to provide a broad range of bioinformatics expertise to CCR/NIAID PIs and scientists. The analysis capabilities cover a wide spectrum of questions in biomedical research, ranging from basic biology to clinical applications. Typical requests involve the processing, analysis, and interpretation of high-dimensional data sets generated by microarray, Exome-seq, RNA-Seq, ChIP-seq, metagenomics, and mass spectrometry platforms, as well as publicly available data. The CCR-SF specializes in NGS data analysis and quality control, sequencing technology consultation, exploration/assessment of new technologies, and data analysis and management. These core groups work closely together, and projects often involve multiple groups.

Computational Chemistry and Quantum Calculations, Joe Ivanic

ABCS maintains expertise in computational chemistry. Specifically, expertise in quantum chemistry and drug design, small molecule properties obtained from high-level quantum chemical calculations, and algorithm and software development for GAMESS.