Abstracts and Posters

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Abstracts received by the organizing committee were peer-reviewed and scored. The highest-ranking abstracts from eligible trainees were considered for travel awards, as denoted by bold. All abstracts were accepted for poster presentation. A subset of abstracts, noted by *asterisk will also be presented as short talks during the plenary session. A complete book of abstracts will be available for download shortly before the start of the conference.

Poster presenters should prepare their posters to be no larger than 72 inches (6 feet) wide and 48 inches (4 feet) tall. Poster boards will be numbered by abstract sequentially in the upper level atrium. We ask that poster presenters hang their posters on Monday morning and leave them on the poster boards until Tuesday afternoon through both poster sessions.

Abstract #NameTitle
001Olawumi GiwaGene-gene fusions as biomarkers for personalized therapy in glioblastoma multiforme by means of liquid biopsy
003Simon HeekeThe emerging role of ctRNA in liquid biopsy – insights from two clinical trials in oncogene-driven non-small cell lung cancer
004*Irene Casanova-SalasCirculating tumor extracellular vesicles to monitor metastatic prostate cancer genomics and transcriptomic evolution
005*Jacob BerchuckDetecting small cell transformation in patients with EGFR mutant lung adenocarcinoma through epigenomic cfDNA profiling
006Sidharth JainMonitoring treatment response and toxicity in immune-checkpoint-inhibitor treated metastatic melanoma from cell-free methylated DNA
007Derek WongFragmentomic analysis of cell-free DNA reveals cancer associated signatures in TP53 mutation carriers
008*Francesco FrancoCystatin SN as an innovative salivary biomarker for periodontitis: a controlled pilot study
009Auriel SandersCell-free DNA to unveil potential mechanisms of racial disparities in lung transplant
011Liya XuAqueous humor liquid biopsy: a five-year progress in establishing clinical utility for retinoblastoma diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutic outcomes
013*Temesgen AndargieCombined donor- and recipient- cell-free DNA signatures provide accurate detection of cardiac allograft rejection
014Fabrice Lucien-MatteoniTumor-derived extracellular vesicles as a liquid biomarker of tumor burden in prostate cancer
015Fabrice Lucien-MatteoniStandardized reporting of pre-analytical variables to enhance rigor and reproducibility in liquid biopsy research: experience from the ISEV blood task force
016Hyeyeun LimComparative DNA methylation profiling of cirrhosis with and without hepatocellular carcinoma
017*Liya XuEverything everywhere all at once: evolving ocular liquid biopsies
018Asia JordanMeta-analysis of publicly available datasets for the identification of liquid biomarkers for high-grade serous ovarian cancer
019*Sarah WoodfieldAn indocyanine green-based liquid biopsy test for circulating tumor cells for pediatric liver cancer
020Brian SilverIsolation and characterization of cell-free DNA from cerebral organoids
021Hyesik KongCell-free DNA exposes tissue injury profiles leading to primary graft dysfunction before symptoms develop
022*Venkata YellapantulaGenome-wide cfDNA fragmentation patterns in cerebrospinal fluid informs medulloblastoma subtypes
023Theresa L. WhitesideSmall extracellular vesicles as biomarkers of response in recurrent/metastatic HNSCC patients treated with immunotherapy
024Muhtadi AlnababtehEarly post-transplant genomic storm predict allograft function and survival in lung transplant recipients introduction
025Jinyun JuanSonobiopsy enriches circulating tumor-specific biomarkers in a mouse model of diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma
027David WongUltra-short ctDNA: a new paradigm of ctDNA liquid biopsy
028Kathleen RanQuantification of spinal cord-derived cell free DNA in plasma of patients with metastatic epidural spinal cord compression
029Emily ZhaoCell-free DNA screening results by stage of maternal malignancy
030*Megan McNamaraCirculating, cell-free methylated DNA reveals cellular sources of graft injury after liver transplant
031Asli MunzurPlasma cell-free DNA histone methylation enables phenotypic and clinical segmentation of metastatic prostate cancer
032Harini LakshminarayananExploring extracellular vesicles as liquid biopsy biomarkers for clear cell renal cell carcinoma
033Jeffrey SzymanskiEarly detection of malignant and pre-malignant peripheral nerve tumors using cell-free DNA fragmentomics
034David GreavesCellkeep slide enhances retention of CTCs harvested from patient blood samples using the Parsortix® system.
035Hallie GaitschCharacterization of plasma and CSF cell-free DNA profiles in patients with multiple sclerosis and progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy using cell-of-origin methylation analysis
036Whitney DoAntigen reactivity profiles predict prognosis after immunotherapy treatment in hepatocellular carcinoma and cholangiocarcinoma
037Mimi RichertCell-free DNA to predict severe exacerbations in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
038Kaitlynn SlatteryMeasuring cytokine levels in extracellular vesicles isolated from serum and plasma in healthy blood donors: a pilot study
039McKenzie KaussComparison between levels of vascular injury markers in extracellular vesicles derived from serum and plasma in healthy volunteers: a pilot study
040Zhongping XuSmall extracellular vesicles in proximal postoperative biofluids of HPV+ oropharyngeal cancer drive M1 macrophage polarization via cGAS-STING pathway activation
041Tzu-Chun ChenCirculating differential methylation allele fraction (DMAF): an alternative to detection of tumor-derived circulating cell-free DNA
042Sara Bang-ChristensenCombining mehtylation markers for efficient, blood-based multi cancer detection
044Aneesa BhaktaGlycome profiling with a DNA-barcoded antibody library
045Jazmyn  BessImpact of delayed processing on cfDNA quantity and quality using streck cfDNA tubes: liquid biopsy connect pilot study
046Sarven SabunciyanBrain specific mRNAs in blood extracellular vesicles are potential biomarkers for detecting transcriptional changes in the brain
047Chennan LiTracing the clonal dynamic of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer over immunotherapy using circulating tumor DNA
048Diha FreijeDevelopment of an epigenetic panel for urological cancers
049Sukhbir KaurNovel CD47 interacting cargo proteins of extracellular vesicles from t lymphoblast and prostate carcinoma cells identified using single vesicle imaging and mass spectrometry
050Nafiseh JafariEnhanced cell-free DNA extraction from large whole urine volumes: implications for prostate cancer detection
051Seka LazareDetection of minimal residual disease in lymph predicts recurrence in HPV-negative head and neck cancer patients
052Hongzhang HeDentifying actionable genomic alterations in non-small cell lung cancer through the analysis of extracellular vesicles in plasma
053Russell SundbyDissecting the circulating proteome in NF1-associated peripheral nerve sheath tumors
054*Yulin JinCell-free DNA methylation signatures: bridging the gap in ALS biomarker discovery
055Chandan BhambhaniUltra-short trans-renal circulating tumor DNA in urine for non-invasive liquid biopsy of HPV+ oropharyngeal cancer
056Nikki HigaHigh purity ctDNA as a model system: evaluating ichorCNA perfomance in silico for improved liquid biopsy accuracy, coverage effects, and size selection efficiency
057Sabina PathanMultiple methylated markers of malignancy: a non-invasive, multi-cancer diagnostic
058Marlene TartaroDroplet digital PCR sequencing of cell-free DNA from cerebrospinal fluid for detection of hotspot mutations in glioma
059Alessandra Vittorini OrgeasA pipeline for the identification of disease-specific genetic biomarkers using ngs sequencing data of cfDNAs in human plasma
060Hoyoung MaengThe path to translate genomic findings into a pilot clinical trial of a cell free DNA platform for early detection and monitoring of MMR deficient cancers
061*Diego de Miguel PerezCOVID-19 proteins in extracellular vesicles are linked to immune, coagulation, and cardiovascular complications and poor outcomes in severe disease patients
062Diego de Miguel PerezPlasma extracellular vesicles and radiomics predict response to immune-checkpoint inhibitors in patients with non-small cell lung cancer
063Diego de Miguel PerezBaseline low extracellular vesicle miRNA-30c and presence of autophagic CTCs predict chemoradiotherapy resistance and poor outcomes in patients with locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer
064Balamurugan KuppusamyDevelopment of imaging mass cytometry as a tool to characterize circulating tumor cells in pre-clinical mouse models
066Tijana Jovanovic-TalismanMultiparametric characterization of single extracellular vesicles from plasma
067Mohamed AdilAdvance prostate cancer detection through epigenomic profiling of cfDNA
068*Pradeep ChuahanEnrichment of tumor-associated fragmentomic features detected in cell-free DNA with sonobiopsy in glioma patients
069Pradeep ChuahanMolecular residual disease (MRD) detection by circulating tumor DNA in patients with urothelial and renal cell cancers
070Pradeep ChuahanUrine cell-free DNA fragmentomics to detect genitourinary malignancies and predict pathological response in bladder cancer
071Abhirami ThaivalappilCell-free DNA as a novel biomarker for disease progression and response to treatment in Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome
072Neeti SwarupBroad range cell-free DNA assessment of lung cancer in indeterminate pulmonary nodules
073Han Sang KimUnveiling diagnostic biomarkers for colon adenocarcinoma: a proteomic study of human extracellular vesicles and particles
074Stephanie ChidesterPerformance of nucleic acid-stabilizing blood collection tubes for EV-based liquid biopsies and EV repertoire analyses


Mohan Uttawar              CellBiopsy based comprehensive molecular profiling of CTC in HER2 tested breast cancer patients reveals novel mediators of early disease progression and therapeutic resistance