May 14, 2020

With the tremendous successes of CAR T-cell strategies targeting B-cell antigens, the FDA approval of a CD19 CAR T-cell construct in children, and increasing utilization of CAR T-cell based therapies both in clinical practice and on early phase trials, there has been an exponential increase in the number of children who will be receiving such therapies. While there has been significant focus on acute toxicities and specifically cytokine release syndrome (CRS), there is limited information on other parameters of the toxicity profile—in particular the sequelae of CRS and sub-acute toxicities. Furthermore, there are limited collaborative studies that look at outcomes of CAR T-cell therapy beyond response and immediate toxicities.

This conference is intended to bring together leading institutions and investigators focused on pediatric CAR T-cell efforts for an information exchange to specifically to focus on other elements of CAR T-cell toxicities, beyond CRS.  A key goal is to highlight the biologic underpinnings of various elements of the extended toxicity profile and compile current approaches/best practices utilized in toxicity mitigation/management strategies. Furthermore, with novel antigens and CAR T-cell targets, this conference will also help to establish standardized metrics of monitoring for these comprehensive toxicities as we go beyond B-cell targeting. This conference will fill a critical need in the community about how to best study these extended outcomes and optimize care of patients receiving CAR T-cell therapy, beyond the storm.


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