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Welcome to the Frederick Research Computing Environment (FRCE). Frederick National Labs and the NCI supports a high-performance computing cluster with the mission to advance the scientific mission of NCI and its cohorts. Any NCI researcher may access the system free of charge. With the quantity of scientific data generated on-site in Frederick, we provide a special emphasis on supporting customized large data and compute requirements. As part of its mission, FRCE regularly explores and evaluates emerging technologies and their impact on scientific workflows and high-performance computing needs to ensure the environment remains a leading-edge solution for scientific computing. A range of applications for cryoEM, genomic sequence analysis, molecular and structural biology, and image analysis are available for cluster use.

Pages listing the current hardware installed on the FRCE cluster and a visual diagram of the architecture of the cluster and associated systems are available.

The FRCE administrators can be reached through email or through a Service Now ticket.


The installation of a high-speed InfiniBand network is almost complete. We are waiting parts to bring 100% of the cluster into the network but until these can be installed, some of the systems in the cluster had to be taken off-line.