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Practical Preparedness for Workplace Violence – New Training Course

Violence in the workplace has unfortunately become something that we must all consider. Employers and those responsible for others, such as educators, are taking decisive steps to prevent violence in the workplace and to prepare those within their care.
Read more about the training course.

EHS Launches New Website

EHS has been working diligently with the C&SS Web Team to revamp our website to provide more accurate, up-to-date information to the NCI at Frederick and FNLCR campuses.
Read more about the Environment, Health & Safety group.

Environment, Health, and Safety Open House

Events include free blood pressure and vision test, ergonomic vendor fair, bomb dog demonstration and more!
Read more about our open house.

Preparing for Severe Weather – Tornados

When the national weather service issues a tornado warning for the area, EHS will use the following means to contact you: Public address system announcements, Pop-up messages to your computer screen, E-mail.
Read more about preparing for sever weather on campus.

Spring Research Festival Scientific Poster Support

We can help you at any level you wish. In addition to printing high-quality posters, we provide professional design, editing, and proofreading services.
Read more about what SPGM can do for you.

Summer Student Activities 2014

We reach out to young minds early in elementary school, as our scientists go to classrooms to convey the excitement of discovery and the intrigue of science. And we continue the message through high school, undergraduate, and graduate school – offering mentoring, fellowships, summer and after-school employment, and scholarships.
Read more about our summer studnent programs.

2014 Spring Research Festival

The 18th Annual Spring Research Festival is sponsored for the first time by The National Interagency Confederation for Biological Research (NICBR), and will be held at last year's location, on Porter Street behind the gymnasium.
Read more about The Microbiome: Impact on Health & Disease.

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