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Campus 411

Changes to Fort Detrick Gate Access

Effective on January 5, 2015 there will be a change by the USAG Fort Detrick in gate hours. All visitors will require a background check prior to entry. Get more information on other gate changes.


Posted 12.16.2014


Health & Safety Notices

Lend An Arm to Science: Calling all Donors

Attention all current and potential interested research donors who want to lend an arm to science and contribute to a special project! Occupational Health Services has a special request for type AB Blood and pre-menopausal women not on hormones and post-menopausal women not on hormones donors that are willing to participate in donating blood for a functional study. If you are interested in participating please call OHS at 301-846-1096 or contact Carolyn Cable 301-846-1486 to schedule orientation to the program, or email cablecf@mail.nih.gov. Call today and make a difference.


Posted 08.10.2014


Staff Events

Chesapeake Bay Area Combined Federal Campaign

This year, we encourage all federal employees to give to the Combined Federal Campaign. The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is the only authorized solicitation of Federal employees in their workplace on behalf of approved charitable organizations.


Get information on the ways to donate.


Posted 10.10.2014


Employee Reminders


12th Annual Protective Services Chili Cook Off

The 12th Annual Protective Services Chili Cook Off will be held on Monday, January 5, 2015 (and NOT on January 12 as was previously advertised).



Animal Exposure Program

All employees who will be directly handling laboratory animals at the NCI at Frederick must be enrolled in an AEP as appropriate for duties and responsibilities. In addition, we are requesting that ALL employees who may have potential exposure to research animals or animal products complete the following hazard assessment by September 15, 2014.


Take the training.


To learn more about programs at Fort Detrick and MWR, visit their site at http://www.detrick.army.mil/calendar.