Near misses are unique because they give us a second chance to correct dangerous behaviors or conditions before they result in future injury or property damage. Although the label of 'human error' is commonly applied to an initiating event, a faulty process or system invariably compounds the harm, and should be the focus of improvement – that is where EHS needs your help. Reporting a Near Miss incident allows EHS to proactively investigate potentially hazardous situations that can make a major difference to the safety of FNLCR employees. Please consider using the Near Miss reporting system located on the EHS homepage Although the form can be submitted anonymously, you are encouraged to provide your name so that we can follow up appropriately.

Please don’t let a near miss go unreported; use it as an early warning system. Contact EHS at 301-846-1451 if you have any questions. Together we can work toward making FNLCR a safer facility for everyone.