The Scientific Library staff is pleased to announce the launch of a new resource. OneSearch allows users to simultaneously search many different resources from a single search box. Resources include information from PubMed, Web of Science, full-text journals and books, meeting abstracts, the Library’s catalog, and more.

OneSource - incredible results with a single search box

In celebration of this powerful new resource, the Scientific Library will hold LAUNCH DAY next Wednesday, May 15, from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., in Building 549. We invite you to visit us during those hours, enjoy a piece of celebration cake, and learn more about this incredible new product. (No government funds were spent for this cake.)

More information about OneSearch is available at, or you can begin to use OneSearch at

A similar demonstration of OneSearch will be held at the ATRF Library on the 2nd floor near the Wellness Center, on Wednesday, May 15, 11-2. Cake will also be available at the ATRF event.

Plan now to join us next Wednesday, May 15, from 11-2, enjoy some cake, and learn about OneSearch!