Starting January 29th, 2013 you will be required to use your PIV card (HHS ID Badge) to log into Windows computers at the FNLCR. (The PIV login requirement does not apply to Mac computer login, Windows servers, or AA accounts at this time.) In preparation for this transition, a warning message will begin to appear January 8, 2013, if you log into your Windows computer with your username and password instead of your PIV card and PIN:

Warning - Smart Card Login Required Soon

In order to log in with your PIV card, you must:

  1. Have a smart card reader
    A smart card reader is a device into which you can insert your PIV card. The photo should be facing up and the gold chip should enter first. Your reader might be built into your computer or keyboard, or it might be a separate device plugged into a USB port. If you do not have a smart card reader or you need help using it, please contact the Frederick HelpDesk at 301-846-5115 or submit an online service request at:
  2. Know your PIN
    If you do not remember your PIN, you can reset it at a Lifecycle Workstation. See below for local Lifecycle Workstation (LWS) locations.
  3. Have active (not expired) digital certificates
    Digital certificates are stored inside the chip in your PIV card and are not necessarily tied to the expiration date printed on the card. To check expiration dates of your PIV card certificates, you may open an Internet Explorer browser window and check through Tools, Internet Options, Content tab, Certificates.

Additional Software

The ActivIdentity ActivClient and Access Card Utility software will soon appear on all Windows computers at FNLCR. ActivClient allows you to change your PIN and check the status of your certificates at the convenience of your own computer. The Access Card Utility allows you to renew your certificates from your computer during the renewal window, (typically the 30-day period prior to certificate expiration.) Please note that if you have forgotten your PIN, you will need to visit a Lifecycle Workstation in person to get it reset.

More Information

Visit or for online information about your PIV card, ActivClient, and the Access Card Utility.

“Get Smart Card Ready” guides with information to help you with smart card login are available at this website:

Renew Digital Certificates / Reset your PIN

You can reset a forgotten PIN or renew your digital certificates at a Lifecycle Workstation (LWS).

FNLCR currently has three LWS locations in Frederick:

Campus Location Contact
Fort Detrick Bldg 426 Rm 159 Contact x4500 to schedule an appointment
Fort Detrick Bldg 362 Rm 40 Contact x1060 to schedule an appointment
ATRF Wing E Rm 2212 Contact x1283 to schedule an appointment