Potted Plant

This past October, you may have seen several members of the Green Team standing in front of Building 549 giving out free plants or offering to take extra plants off your hands—this was the first Green Team Fall Plant Swap.

“The plant swap was a very positive experience for everyone who participated, even those we recruited as they walked by. I thoroughly enjoyed organizing it. I think the idea of nurturing brings out the best in everyone,” said team member Dolores Winterstein, a guest researcher in the Laboratory of Molecular Immunoregulation.

So when you are cleaning out your garden this spring, consider bringing your extra plants to the 2013 Green Team Spring Plant Swap, which will be held May 6–9 during the Spring Research Festival.

For more information, visit the Green Team’s website, at Ncifrederick.Cancer.Gov/Staff/GreenTeam/. This site also provides “green” tips and news from the team.

More Plants!

Also remember that the Annual Farmer’s Market at NCI at Frederick Plant Sale is coming up on Tuesday, May 7th at Building 549 from 11:00am to 1:30pm. Many of the regular Farmer’s Market vendors will be selling plants of all varieties.