2014 Schedule of Events

Monday, May 5: NICBR Scientific Symposium - The Microbiome: Host Response to Disease

Tuesday, May 6: NICBR Research Collaboration Forum

Wednesday, May 7: Keynote Speaker, Poster Blitz, and Poster Presentations

Thursday, May 8: Poster Presentations

Check the website for details: Ncifrederick.cancer.gov/Events/Srf/.

image of 2014 resarch festival theme

The Microbiome: Impact on Health & Disease

The interaction of the microbial world (bacteria, viruses and fungi) with their environment is constantly evolving. This evolution is affected by many factors, including the health status of the host and the localized conditions at the time of host-microbe interactions. It is the theme of the 2014 NICBR Spring Research Festival to understand the interactions between hosts, whether they be plant or animal or human, and the microbial world and to elucidate the impact of these interactions on host well-being or disease processes.

More About the Festival

The 18th Annual Spring Research Festival is sponsored for the first time by The National Interagency Confederation for Biological Research (NICBR), and will be held at last year's location, on Porter Street behind the gymnasium.

Open to the scientific and local communities, this annual event is designed to demonstrate “the nature of our research, the discoveries we have made, and the challenges we face in the fight against cancer, AIDS and other infectious diseases worldwide,” according to the website.

For a complete schedule and information on events, visit the website: Ncifrederick.cancer.gov/Events/Srf/Events.aspx.